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Sick of Feeling Like Your Business Is Chaotic, Disorganized, & Spiraling Out of Control?

Legacy Decks Academy Helps Ambitious Owners Grow & Scale Successful Deck-Building Businesses—So You Can Accelerate & Expand With Total Clarity.

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Cut Your Workload In Half With Robust Systems

Stop ‘Wearing All the Hats’ & Build an Independent, Powerhouse Team

Clarify Your Values & Vision, So You Can Build With Intentional Strategy

On paper, business is booming. Sales are rolling in and each week is busier than the last.

Behind the scenes though…It feels like a prison

You wanted to build a legacy. A business that can stand the test of time. Something to fill your life with true freedom and a deeper sense of purpose.

What you’ve got right now though… is one giant, expensive game of Jenga. 

You’re ready to accelerate your growth, take the business to the next level, and step into your role as the owner of your company. 

But before you can catapult your business forward and experience the kind of streamlined, values-aligned growth you’re dreaming of—you know you’ve got to sure up your foundations.

That’s where we come in.

What if building a multi-7-figure deck building business didn’t have to mean:

Working crazy hours

Getting bogged down in the daily to-do list

Struggling to find team members who get it

Feeling completely drained by the end of every day

Sacrificing & suffering in the hopes of eventually creating something that can run without you

Legacy Decks Academy is an intensive business coaching program created by deck builders, for deck builders.

In this program, we’ll challenge you to work with radical clarity, accountability, and strategy. We’ll have hard conversations. We’ll make powerful changes to the way you think about your role as an owner. We’ll re-examine what’s happening under the hood of your business.

And if you’re willing to show up and do the work—you’ll graduate with a business that looks completely different from the one you have today (in the best way). 

With 3 different tiers of support to meet you where you are, Legacy Decks Academy helps deck builders at every level break free of the chaos and overwhelm that have kept you stuck… so you can FINALLY start making your vision a reality. 

Not Sure Where to Start? Choose the Phase That Best Represents Where You Are Right Now, & We’ll Show You the Fastest Path Forward.



If you’re never more than a few missteps away from failing and ready to create predictable, steady success—Phase 1 is where you start...



You’ve hit the coveted 7-figure benchmark. You’ve started building a team around you, and you might even have a few other...



Legends is an advanced, highly specialized program for deck builders who want to scale, sell, and eventually exit their company...

Using our proven process, owners of deck building businesses have…

Transformed their company culture & built teams of engaged, driven people who are 100% bought in on the company's vision.

Become more efficient, effective leaders and shifted from their company’s Chief Fire Fighter—to the true visionary and mastermind of the business.

Shifted their systems to make their company more desirable to potential future buyers, in the event that they choose to scale and exit

Expanded into new markets, multiple locations, or additional geographic areas

Solidified the legacies of family businesses & set up their business for generational success

Massively increased their sales, revenue, and profit while decreasing the hours they work each week

…and that’s barely scratching the surface.
Find out how they did it—and how you can transform your business too, in a matter of months. 

Legacy Decks Academy is the high-powered accelerator for deck builders who want to break free from the chaos & take back control of their business. 

Created by Chris and Amy Breen—CEOs of their own successful deck building company, Legacy Decks—Legacy Decks Academy isn’t your run-of-the-mill business coaching program.

With industry-specific strategies that are proven to work for contracting and construction-based businesses like YOURS—the Academy helps deck builders unlock next-level success in a fraction of the time.

“In the first 30 days, this program changed everything….”

Before we got started with Legacy Decks Academy, we were shooting from the hip. We’d grown very quickly in terms of both revenue and staff. My business partner and I had both had other businesses before, but this was a totally new bracket for both of us. We knew we needed to get some systems in place. 

Right after signing on, Chris Breen helped us identify a need to hire two new salespeople. We took a different approach to hiring than we had in the past based on everything we’d uncovered about our people and processes with Chris.

In their first 30 days alone, the new team members closed over $6.5 Million in new business. I fully expect that by the end of this year, we’ll have 10xed what we even thought possible for our business. 

If you’re even considering working with Legacy Decks Academy, don’t hesitate. The only real cost to this program was not getting started sooner.

—TJ N.