What Can You Expect From Legacy Decks Academy?

Legacy Decks Academy is an intensive business coaching program created by deck builders, for deck builders.

In this program, we’ll challenge you to work with radical clarity, accountability, and strategy. We’ll have hard conversations. We’ll make powerful changes to the way you think about your role as an owner. We’ll re-examine what’s happening under the hood of your business.

And if you’re willing to show up and do the work—you’ll graduate with a business that looks completely different from the one you have today (in the best way). 

With 3 different tiers of support to meet you where you are, Legacy Decks Academy helps deck builders at every level break free of the chaos and overwhelm that have kept you stuck… so you can FINALLY start making your vision a reality. 

Not Sure Where to Start? Choose the Phase That Best Represents Where You Are Right Now, & We’ll Show You the Fastest Path Forward.



If you’re never more than a few missteps away from failing and ready to create predictable, steady success—Phase 1 is where you start...



You’ve hit the coveted 7-figure benchmark. You’ve started building a team around you, and you might even have a few other...



Legends is an advanced, highly specialized program for deck builders who want to scale, sell, and eventually exit their company...

“This has totally changed how I’m showing up as a leader…”

In the past, I’ve always been a bit backward, even with friends and family. Now I feel like I can stand up and say, “No, we’re doing it this way and here’s why.” With our employees, I’m not just standing around waiting for someone to step up and take charge…I’m owning things that go wrong, holding people accountable, and getting more respect from my guys.

This work has really helped pull our whole team out of our shells. My daughter is hoping to take over the business someday. My wife and I are having date nights again after many years of not having them. We’ve finally moved from pen and paper to building real systems. The changes have been very exciting.

—Bruce V.